can we talk about Nicki Minaj’s twitter location image

Anonymous whispered: who you spreading your legs for now whore?

No one. 

Anonymous whispered: pfft he finally had enough with your ugly ass huh lol what happened to forever? ;)

never said forever lol that’s just what i call my blog xD 

Anonymous whispered: of course you aren't he found someone better

He’s single. Hit him up. 

Anonymous whispered: logan's cheating on you


Anonymous whispered: logan's cheating on you

we aren’t even dating. 

Anonymous whispered: lol you think you have been there but he does see them without you

thats funny because i’d always stay the night with him.

Anonymous whispered: logan is cheating on you

Show me proof, then maybe i’ll believe you, As of now, i know for a fact that he isn’t. 

Anonymous whispered: I've seen him cheat on you, like he kisses Ashley right infront of me when he was dating you not like she would tell you lol

Ashley who? and both the ashleys he knows he hasn’t hung-out with them without me being there.. Soo, what you just said is completely invalid but fucking hilarious.  

Anonymous whispered: lol that's what you think it's cause you're too stupid to realize when people are cheating on you

I’m 100% positive that Logan isn’t cheating on me. Unless you have proof that he is, in photo form, I’m going to have to ask you to kindly fuck off.